District & County Clerk:

Mozelle Carr

Filing Fees:
$26.00 for first page
$4.00 for each additional page

Contact Information


P.O. Box 194
100 Bell Street
Mentone, TX 79754


(432) 309-9500 x6

Office Hours:

Mon-Thur 8A-5P, Fri 8A-12P


  • Loving County was originally established on July 8, 1893. Prior establishments of the land were as follows:
    • Bexar County - 1837-1874
    • Tom Green County - March 13, 1874 - 1887
    • In 1887 Loving County was created, and named in House Bill 113. It was named for cattleman Oliver Loving of the Goodnight Loving Trail. Loving County was surveyed and then attached to Reeves County for judicial, surveying, and all other purposes.
    • Loving County - July 8, 1893 First election and organization of Loving County.
  • Legislature disorganized Loving County and attached to Reeves County on May 12, 1897.
  • Loving County, as it is today, was established on June 30, 1931 and has been solvent ever since.
  • Anything from before 1931 may be found in Reeves County. Although we do have some filings from that time period, the majority of the documents are held in Reeves County.
  • Everything available in the County vault, except pages that were erroneously omitted by those contracted by the County to make digital images (public records),  can be found on our website: https://lovingtx.countygovernmentrecords.com
    • OGL - Begins May 1921
    • OPR - Begins May 1998
    • Books (Volume and Page) discontinued to implement full electronic document filing - August 2011 forward documents have a number and barcode.
    • Probate Records, Lis Pendens, Commissioner's Court, and County and District Court Records are not digitized or online
  • Public viewing stations are available for searching and printing ($1.00 per page) in the Clerk's Office.
  • Plats have been digitized.
  • All Loving County Patents from the General Land Office were recorded in March 2015; therefore there may be a few duplicates.
  • We have acquired all maps from the General Land Office.
  • We accept checks, money orders, and cash in this office.

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